For the bums who love happy days at sunny beaches.


It was the April of 2020, when I got increasingly disgusted with the fast-paced lifestyle in the chaotic concrete jungle. Something about it felt off. Eeeww! Where’s my favorite puke emoji?

On top of that, during this time, the world was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, with countries going into lockdowns. Trapped at home with nowhere to go, I was laying on the couch, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. Don’t we all? LOL.


Midway through the mindless scrolling, I remember stumbling across photos of people having fun at the beach. You know, all of that youthful carefree energy rub onto me. And I got reminded of those days when I was a kid, digging for tiny crabs on the beach. Building sandcastles (are you good at them? I suck at it  *facepalm*).

Feeling inspired, I got off the couch to try re-creating those feels in the form of doodles (oh, in case you’re wondering, I work as a graphic + web designer).

As days went by, I realize the process of drawing and coloring stuff revolving around beach life, is an oddly satisfying pastime : time stops and you’re lost in your own little world. Oooo la la.

Eventually, these beach-inspired doodles also serve another purpose : to remind me (and you) to slow down in life, for there are too many things that we take for granted while days whiz by! The beach represents and personifies many ideals which I hold dear.

In Jan 2021 came the idea of putting my doodles onto phone cases, so that they can be seen everywhere.

A LIFE IN slow lazy summers. All year round. YES.

Eat icy cold watermelon slices under the beautiful sun. Kick the water, dip in the sea. Lay on the sand. Hear the sea’s soothing song. Long strolls along the shore. Beach volleyball with best friends. Jesus! What more can anyone ask for?

If you are with me, welcome to Beach Bums Rule.  Spread beach vibes with the world!

"The waves of the sea help me get back to me."

-Jill Davis, Writer
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