Seals are just dog mermaids.

Beach Animal Quotes for Your Amusement

One of the most important parts of being a Beach Bum: loving and appreciating everything that has to do with the ocean meeting the land. Beach wildlife are just as important as the gorgeous scenery for Beach Bums! Encountering crabs or seals while you kick back and enjoy your time near the sea is part of the experience, and you should take it as an essential part of it.

At the Beach Bums community space, giving a shout out to the lovable animals that call the sea their home is essential! That’s why our cute beach animal quotes are to die for!

That’s not all there is to the Beach Bums space. With our intense love for getting away from the concrete jungle and to the serenity of the beach, we’re all about creating entertaining content about the beach and spreading our Beach Bums Manifesto about learning how to love ourselves and the sea.

Beach Bums Rule!

Seals are just dog mermaids.
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